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Powerful Functionality

Each product is designed specifically according to your industry needs.


Most users find this is a good starting point.

Here we can see CREDIT and DEBIT account, Balance amount and last five transaction.


Best feature for Importing multiple customers.

You can use IMPORT feature for adding more then one Customer at time from excels sheet.


Display everything Update overview Report.

You can view your Report as per your choice such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly


Very Safe: We have Added Features like PIN / PATTERN lock so that, apart from
you no other can access your customers and their entries

Secure 100%

We Understand your Data is very important, so we have a couple of option for backup. Cloud Backup and Local Backup.

Flexible Entries

Our App is Flexible in adding, canceling and deleting a credit or debit entry.


Our App is very much simple to use and does not require any training.


If there is a due date given on a particular entry, the app will send you notifications automatically as a reminder.


Works even if there is no internet connection available.


Gives you a complete summary of your advances and due amounts in one screen.

Account Detail

In this page we can see all the details of the customer as well as transaction history. There are some important shortcut are also given through which we can directly contact to the customer.

Account List

In these page we can see the customers with their account category and the balance on their account, also we can check the Due date if any.


In this page we will get all the important settings which will make more easy to use the application.

Debit Transaction

In these page we will get all the due amount details with their name and date which are there in user account.